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Ladies of the Land

An original solo show

Ladies of the Land is an exploration of grief through the lens of one woman’s embodiment of influential women in her life. As Brooke, the playwright and performer, tries on the necklaces of women throughout her life, she lives through the experiences and lessons that these women have shared with her. It is an exploration not only of the physical and emotional manifestations of grief, but of the way we endow objects with meaning. A necklace is no longer a piece of jewelry, but a symbol that can empower as much as it can inhibit its wearer.


The project began when Brooke wrote and performed a monologue from the point of view of her Scottish grandmother comforting her mother on her mother’s wedding day. Brooke’s mother passed away four months later. Shortly after, she decided to expand this piece in honor of her mother by collaborating with her friend and colleague Parade Stone.

Ladies of the Land was previewed at The Drama League's Fourth Friday Art + Party in June of 2018. It was shared again at Dixon Place on March 22nd, 2019 in NYC and in Philadelphia as a part of the Shoe Box Theatre Collective's 3rd Annual Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival on May 19th, 2019.

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